Demolition Contractors Insurance 

We provide  A rated Insurance cover for Demolition Contractors across the United Kingdom 

Audemars Corporate Risk Solutions is a specialist broker for Demolition Contractors Insurance.  We know what risks you face and we can independently, and competitively, source the insurance solution which gives the best protection for your business.  We’ve been insuring businesses across the UK, but more importantly, we’ve been giving strong and dependable claims support for this period.  We work for you and not the insurer and this puts us in a strong position for managing your claims and getting the best outcome. 

We are committed to your industry and our experience puts us in the best place to protect your business.  Demolition is a high risk industry and many insurers active in this arena apply stringent conditions and restrictions that you must observe. Our specialist team will help you manage the way you comply with these requirements.

We have expert knowledge of the insurance options for demolition contractors and we have access to wider wordings and covers.  We also work very closely with our Health & Safety division, assessing your risk exposure and supporting you with strategies to address specific issues.  This approach enables you to gain the optimum protection for your business, in terms of price and quality. 

At all times we are available to help you through a crisis and our hands-on personal service is what makes us stand out from the crowd. You need insurance you can rely upon.

Demolition Cover offers comprehensive and reliable insurance at the right price.  Tailored to suit your business it can include:-

  • Employers Liability Insurance

    Some Employers Liability (EL) Insurance underwriters lump Demolition in with Waste & Recycling: the only sector of UK industry where fatal accidents are rising and this is why Employers Liability Insurance can be expensive. Our holistic approach however can help Employers Liability insurers see you more favorably.

  • Public Liability Insurance

    Public Liability Insurance (PL) is a key focus for your customers. Here at Audemars Corporate Solutions, we encourage you to focus on a Public Liability Insurance limit of indemnity which will satisfy your biggest clients and which should pay your worst-case scenario claim in full.

  • Other Key Insurance Covers

    We can support you with a full range of advised covers starting from the essentials and fundamentals such as Contractors All Risk Insurance (CAR), also known as Contact Works Insurance (CW), through the newly established classes such as Management Practices Liability (MPL) and into newer emergent risks such as Cyber Insurance, which is now seen by many of the larger businesses as one of the greatest threats they face.

  • Fees For Intervention (FFI) Insurance

    Combining covers together and running them alongside our Health and Safety business allows us to deliver significant advantage to you, the customer. Whether it is enhanced legal defence, a higher cover of accident investigation or insurance against the HSE and their Fees for Intervention, then we can help you.

  • Motor Fleet Insurance

    We can give you the level of service and premiums you need to cost-effectively insure your range of vehicles and, when necessary, manage your claims and get vehicles back on site/on road as quickly as possible.

  • Legal Expenses Insurance

    Legal Expenses Insurance covers the cost of defending legal claims made against you or your business, including solicitors' fees, the cost of barristers and expert witnesses, court costs and claimants’ awards in civil cases.

    If you have a query about your current insurance arrangements, would like advice or further information please call 07740 267 810 or 0121 603 0864 and ask for Dean Thompson or email



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We are experts in all aspects of risks associated within the Demolition  Industry, and

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