Audemars Corporate Risk Management


An awearness of the issues which pose a risk to your business and how you manage this is key to the long term success of your company.


Some risks may be insurable, many are not, but all of them should be considered as part of the company’s ongoing Risk Management strategy. Insurers are increasingly looking at risk management when assessing premiums so, whether you are an existing customer or not, we are now able to assist you in this area.Whilst we can provide comprehensive risk surveys for our clients, we also have a host of online products which offer a cost effective way of managing risk, health and safety and your business continuity plans. 


We provide total support in a number of ways, freeing up your time to concentrate on your core activities. Our varied packages include an ongoing support package which very cost-effectively ensures that your documentation is kept up to date and that your working practices comply with the requirements of the law in practice as well as in theory.

We operate throughout the UK and are proud that our clients include many small to medium sized companies as well as some of the UK's leading businesses.


Fleet Analyses & Risk Management


Step 1: Assess, analyses and understand

Following a discussion with you as to the nature of your operation and what you want to achieve, we can ascertain what audits and assessments are appropriate to your business. This will include a selection from the following:

• Work-Related Road Risk Management Audit - a comprehensive audit covering all aspects of the safety-operational balance and the management systems that you have in place. • Site Specific Work-Related Road Risk Management Audit – an audit designed to highlight strengths and weaknesses of individual operations or units within large organisations. • Collision Analysis – a service designed to help you understand the root causes of the collisions your employees have. • Online collision tracking – an area within the Management Information System that allows you to integrate and manage collision data. • Online risk assessments – giving a comprehensive overview of the risks faced by employees making work-related road journeys. Based on the three fundamental areas of work- related road safety – the driver, the journey and the vehicle, plus the competencies of individual drivers including their

attitude, behaviour, knowledge and hazard perception skills.


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